účast v OPPK

Under the Operational Program Prague – Competitiveness (OOPK),  which was funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the following projects were supported in our company: “Supply of high temperature and vacuum furnaces”, “Laboratory equipment for determination of hydrogen” and “Technological equipment for development new types of W-NI-Cu-based tungsten alloys “.

Project OPPK “Equipment for research of new Zr alloys”,  Registration number: CZ.2.16 / 3.1.00 / 21563

The main objective of the project is to improve the research infrastructure of UJP PRAHA as, to increase its R & D potential and to strengthen cooperation with the partner by purchasing new equipment. The facility will serve as the final product within the operational phase, which is to extend experimental options in the evaluation of new types and types of materials used in the power industry and the chemical industry. These options will have a number of market outlets.

Contract No 1
Supply of high-temperature and high-vacuum furnace

  • High temperature resistance oxidation furnace up to 1500 ° C with the possibility of continuous weighing
  • High vacuum furnace up to 600 ° C

For a high temperature oven, samples up to 80 mm in length may be exposed. The high temperature furnace will allow the dissolution of hydrides.

photo of high-temperature and high-vacuum furnaces:

oxidation furnace high vacuum furnace
Public contract No 2
Laboratory equipment for the determination of hydrogen
  • Laboratory equipment for the determination of hydrogen

Laboratory equipment for hydrogen determination will allow (in addition to the present) to measure hydrogen on individual microstructure components and the energy needed to release hydrogen atoms from individual types of hydrogen traps.

photo of Hydrogen Analyzer:

hydrogen analyzer

Public contract No 3

Project OPPK “Technological equipment for the development of new types of tungsten alloys based on W-Ni-Cu”,  Registration number: CZ 2.16 / 3.1.00 / 21098

The subject of the project was to equip the development site of tungsten materials with a modern computerized sinter furnace and a new control unit for the INSTRON Mechanical Testing Machines. A universal hardness tester was also acquired. The equipment is used in the development of new tungsten materials and will increase the technical level of development work and subsequent production.

Link to OPPK project pages:  www.oppk.cz

photo of sintering furnace:

sintering furnace