Nuclear industry

The company has the appropriate licenses that entitle it to both activities with nuclear materials such as depleted or natural uranium and to the use of closed radionuclide sources (RS) for industrial and medical applications. Activities include:

  • production of IZ sources (medical and industrial irradiators, RS, nuclear materials …)
  • transport in suitable packaging files
  • storage, disposal
  • recycling on a technology line
  • preparation of nuclear material for long-term storage – the company carries out long-term alloy research and is the owner of unique technology
  • the possibility of producing products from nuclear material from the supplied material

In cases where the use of nuclear material is not desirable (for example, for legislative reasons), we can produce shielding elements from tungsten.

The company owns technology to produce products from nuclear material, especially from depleted uranium such as:

  • production of packaging files using nuclear materials (also according to the customer’s requirements)
  • shielding for defectoscopic devices
  • products for other industrial applications such as weights, flywheels
  • natural, low enriched and depleted uranium – storage, recycling, disposal
  • research and development work in the fuel cycle
  • production of uranium compounds for the needs of the glass industry

UJP PRAHA as further develops the demanding technology of melting, alloying, machining, surface protection of uranium, uranium and metal depleted uranium products. Part of the project is building a  KNOWLEDGE PORTAL  for nuclear material holders, which will provide information on new technologies for the storage and disposal of nuclear material.


For both industrial and medical applications we supply the most common radionuclides (60Co, 75Se, 137Cs, 192Ir, 241Am …) as well as less frequent radionuclides according to the customer’s request. In this area we provide:

  • import, export and distribution
  • industrial resources
  • sources for medical technology
  • overfilling of defectoscopes and other work covers
  • admission tests, long-term stability tests, operational stability tests

We are able to arrange the disposal of old irradiation heads, defectoscopes, etc .:

  • ADR shipment
  • removal of any RS in the hot chamber workplace
  • Destruction of nuclear material
  • issuing a takeover / liquidation protocol

The hot chamber allows work with IZ sources that emit high dose power, including high-active RS (HASS) up to the activity of 2,000 TBq per RS. It is mainly about the work:

  • acceptance tests, long term stability tests – direct wear, leakage, verification of serial numbers
  • overloading RS in mobile defectoscopic covers, industrial and medical irradiators
  • disposing of old RS facilities prior to liquidation, including the disposal of old RS
  • repair of RS devices
  • production of new RS
  • encapsulation of old RS – extended lifetime


  • calibration irradiators for dosimetric laboratories


  • delivery of defectoscopic devices
  • acceptance tests for new defectoscopic devices and accessories
  • prescribed revisions of defectoscopy covers (long-term stability tests)
  • replacement of RS so-called overfilling, storage, disposal
  • ADR transport
  • ADR Security Advisor
  • radiation measurement at the workplace (dosimetric service)
  • professional guidance services, supervising services, radiation protection training, emergency services