Nickel alloys

At the Research Institute of UJP PRAHA as, in cooperation with První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, as the projects included in the research programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were solved. The partial part of the projects, which solves the workplace of UJP PRAHA as , focuses on three areas:

  • the development of cast heat-resistant and high-temperature corrosion-resistant nickel alloys, which are used for the casting of extremely stressed equipment components in the glass industry
  • research of material properties and heat treatment of heat-resistant alloys for the use of precision casting technology and segments of gas turbine blades
  • solution of optimization of metallurgical processes in terms of frequency of occurrence and casting defects in castings produced by precision casting

The research and experimental works are conducted in order to explain the problems of structural processes taking place at high temperatures, the relationships between the structure and the mechanical properties. The basic objective is to obtain sufficient information on the structural stability of nickel alloys and the degradation of mechanical properties during the long term effect of the temperature so as to create a reliable database of data for the design of castings when they are introduced into technical practice.

Graf Heat treatment of nickel superalloys
Lopatka turbíny Lopatka turbíny An example of a casting made by precision casting technology on a castable model (gas turbine blade made of nickel superalloy)
An example of a nickel alloy microstructure cured with fine gamma phase particles