The TERABALT radiation set is the representative of a new generation of megavolt cobalt radiotherapy. The source of radiation is the radionuclide of the cobalt element 60 generating hard gamma radiation with energies of 1.17 and 1.33 MeV, which is manifested as monochromatic radiation. The technical design, design and efficiency of the assembly of the kit give a guarantee of high utility value in clinical practice in the treatment of cancer. The level and quality of the product ensures that all required and generally accepted qualities of radiotherapy as well as “Quality Assurance” are available. Reliability of the device does not place increased demands on service personnel and service.

The economic advantage of the TERABALT radiation assembly is the favorable cost of ownership and low installation and maintenance costs.

The instrument kit is mounted on a base frame that is pre-installed on the floor of the facility.

Replacement of the radiation source for the operation of the irradiator is based on the choice of the user provided by the exchange service of the head. The head with a glowing source is replaced by the user with a refurbished head and equipped with a new source of radiation. Replacement of the head at the clinical workplace is a short-term issue.

TERABALT is designed for use with all known radiation techniques. Besides basic static irradiation methods, emphasis is placed on the easy application of known types of movement therapies with the possibility of automatic swing simulation and verification of set and planned irradiation values. The TERAgis verification station connected to the control computer includes checking the used encoded accessories (ie wedges, points, shielding blocks) beyond the set parameters. The irradiation process can not be initiated when the program is scheduled for discontinuity. The manufacturer for the TERABALT set also provides delivery of the PlanW 2000 computing planning system.

The high degree of control level of the radiation assembly accelerates and improves the preparation of the patient’s treatment and completely eliminates the operator’s error in setting the device for the irradiation process.

Isocentric focusing of the patient through the TERABALT three-point laser targeting system, which is part of the irradiation kit, is easy. The TERABALT laser system refines and accelerates the preparation of patient therapy for movement therapy by irradiation.

The TERABALT TB-061 Reflector Set, which is equipped with a carbon fiber board with transversely movable beams, allows for good passage of the radiation head around the patient during motion therapy. This modification eliminates the disadvantage of a small irradiation distance in which movement therapy is problematic due to the difficulty in passing the head around the patient. The solution effectively utilizes the radiation of a source that decreases with a square of distance.

TERABALT accessories are designed to address the demanding targets of the users and will meet the most demanding requirements of the radiotherapy centers in the laboratory preparation of the treatment and its own treatment by irradiation.

Basic technical data

source of gamma radiation Cobalt 60Co
energy sources 1,17 a 1,33 MeV
resource average 18 mm standard, 15, 17, 18 or 21 mm
maximum dose power in the SAD 370 cGy/min type 80
260 cGy/min typ 100
Machine functions
irradiation modes static, rotary, ARC
modes therapeutic, service
arm rotation 720° (±360°)
rotation of the aperture 370° (±185°)
movements of the aperture blades in the X and Y directions, optionally symmetrical or asymmetrical
table movements longitudinal, transverse and vertical table feed, isocentric rotation
Type 80 – Dimensions
SAD 80 cm
the height of the isocentre 116 cm
distance isocentra from aperture front without accessories 28 cm
distance isocentra from the front of the curtain with accessory 16 cm
type 100 – dimensions
SAD 100 cm
the height of the isocentre 136 cm
distance isocentra from aperture front without accessories 48 cm
distance isocentra from the front of the curtain with accessory 36 cm