Titanium alloys

The research department prepares special titanium alloys. Research projects leading to the laboratory and pilot production of special titanium alloys by metallurgical route and powder metallurgy are solved. The main objective is to ensure the production of these alloys for the needs of small and medium processors.

In the present, cold ductile alloys are prepared for use in the manufacture of dental and orthopedic implants – Ti38Nb and Ti35Nb5Ta. In addition to our own material research, we carry out extensive biological research to study the biocompatibility of these materials.

microstructure of a titanium alloy alpha-Ti
microstructure of titanium alloy b beta-Ti
video from the biocompatibility test of titanium alloys (size 28 MB) beta-Ti


Note: Biocompatibility means receiving a foreign body by the organism so that there is no physical or physical harm to the tissue, organ or body.