Tungsten materials

Tungsten pseudo alloys ( W olfram H eavy A lloys) are produced by powder metallurgy aimed at the desired properties of the final product.
The basic component is tungsten, whose content ranges from 90 to 97% by weight. It is supplemented with nickel, iron and possibly cobalt in various proportions. The specific gravity of the pseudo-alloys ranges between 17.1 and 18.6 g / cm 3 , depending on the composition.
For WHA materials produced in the UJP PRAHA workplace and further technically applied, the table shows the range of mechanical properties and the corresponding structure in the initial and reinforced state.

Mechanical properties and structure of WHA materials after sintering and heat treatment
hardness  HV 10yield strength  p02

strength limit  m

pity  5

290 – 320> 700 MPa 

> 1000 MPa 

> 15 %

Structure of sintered material
Mechanical properties and structure of WHA materials after molding with a total reduction of 30-40%
hardness  HV 10yield strength  p02

strength limit  m

pity 5

modulus of tensile modulus  E
with increasing W content

400 – 6001000 – 1400 MPa 

1200 – 1700 MPa 

> 5 % 

330 – 380 GPa

Structure of molded material

The department of tungsten materials at UJP PRAHA as, currently manufactures components for radiation shielding and oncological irradiators. In the field of ammunition application, the penetrating subcaliber penetrators (9mm, 12.7mm, 20mm and 30mm) are available. The maximum dimensions of sintered blanks are given by a diameter of 360 ° and a height of 250 mm (weight ~ 250 kg).

WHA materials currently fully substitute uranium alloys for various industries. Their advantage is excellent corrosion resistance, they are well workable, they are not environmental burdens.

Usage is very variable, it includes a number of industries:

  • manufacture of radiation shielding, containers for transport of radioisotopes, collimation systems for oncological irradiators
  • penetrators spanning high strength armor
  • balancing weights in aviation
  • highly stiff tool holders with low vibration and drill rods


Products made of tungsten alloys
Secondary collimation system for TERABALT
wolfram stineni
tungsten shield CsAm 20
Blast the armor t = 100mm under the caliber of the APFSDS caliber of 30 mm

Model of Tungsten Shield Fly Through Armor – Animation (3.2 MB)<

Wolframové penetrátory
Types of penetrants of different caliber made of WHA