Medical technology

The product portfolio of UJP PRAHA, as is based in this area on the  TERABALT radiotherapy irradiator, the TERASIX X-ray simulator  designed for exact radiotherapy planning and the TPS planning system, providing sophisticated support for patient treatment by irradiation.


radiotherapy set is manufactured in four modifications with a fully digitized steering system and rich accessory and accessories. The TERABALT radiation set is the representative of a new generation of megavolt cobalt radiotherapy. The source of radiation is the radionuclide of the cobalt 60 element. The technical design, design and efficiency of the assembly provides a guarantee of high utility value in clinical practice in the treatment of cancer.

X-ray simulator  with unique VirtualBiemView technology is used to verify and prepare radiotherapy treatment. Radiation therapy with high irradiation demands currently requires a precise therapy plan to eliminate errors in the chosen radiotherapy procedure and to minimize the impact of healthy tissues on irradiation on the radiotherapy device. UJP PRAHA as has therefore developed a fully electronically controlled TERASIX X-ray simulator for accurate planning, which meets all the requirements for accurate radiotherapy treatment.

Systems for radiotherapy:

  • PlanW – Treatment Planning System for Radiotherapy (TPS) is specialized software supporting treatment plans calculation in external beam radiotherapy. It supports treatment plans calculation for radionuclide treatment units and also for linear accelerators, both X-ray and electron beams. It allows treatment plans calculation for combination of different types of radiation. The modern treatment techniques as IMRT and IMAT are also implemented. PlanW TPS is able to communicate with other systems (CT, NMR, PET, PACS, etc.) used in radiation therapy by DICOM 3 format. PlanW TPS is a network system with client-server architecture. The client can run simultaneously with server on one computer. The number of clients is unlimited.
  • TERAGIS – Record and Verify System for Radiotherapy (RVS), is a programmable electrical medical system that is used to help prevent erroneous set-up of the TERABALT radiotherapy unit or TERASIX X-ray simulator and to record all treatment sessions. This is accomplished through verification of the set-up and preventing machine operation if the set-up does not match predetermined settings.

T100 dosimetric irradiator  is designed to generate quantified gamma radiation doses, in particular for the verification and calibration of dosimetric systems or for irradiation in chemical, material and biological research. The design is based on the Terabalt / Teragam therapeutic irradiator, the head of which forms the basic shielding body, while allowing the URZ to be moved to the working or shielded position. The cap is placed in a covered rack.

In the field of medical technology, we also offer:

  • disposal of medical technology including mandatory documentation
  • supplying resources to the healthcare facility
  • software development for healthcare facilities